Cérévia’s strength also lies in being able to rely on the skills of its member cooperatives in order to meet the markets’ expectations, in terms of quality but also innovation.

A direct link to production

Cérévia regularly collaborates and communicates with the cooperatives’ technical and technical sales departments in order to guide production in the right direction (varieties, specifications) with regard to potential sales outlets as well as its clients’ demands.

Quality at the heart of the system

Liaising with the union cooperatives’ Quality departments, Cérévia works to ensure traceability and to implement its clients’ product specifications. The aim: to harmonise cooperatives’ practices through stringent quality standards on a union-wide scale.

A customer service system is in place and Cérévia regularly welcomes client audits. Several times a year, Cérévia’s cooperative Quality committee convenes and schedules cross-audits of the silos.

All of Cérévia’s cooperatives are CSA-GTP certified, as is Cérévia, which has been qualified since April 2010. This certification is awarded in recognition of good practices in hygiene and traceability (sanitary quality of the goods brought to market), and is validated by an independent third party.

All of Cérévia’s cooperatives are also 2BSVS sustainable, a label that promotes sustainability in the oil and protein crop industry.






R&D and innovation for the cereals of tomorrow

Tackling the challenges of the industry head on, Cérévia can now depend on innovative tools like Cérélab, an R&D laboratory dedicated to the cereal production industry, or the Artémis agro-environmental innovation platform.

These entities, which help the agricultural sector to make progress in the fields of quality and the environment, were created as part of the Vitagora “Taste-Nutrition-Health” competitive cluster.