2,7 million tonnes of cereals sold

  • Blés
    1,1 MT
  • Maïs
    500 000 T
  • Orges
    600 000 T
  • Colza
    Rapeseed and oil seed, sunflower, soya
    400 000 T
  • soja
    Other cereals
    such as oat, rye, peas, etc.
    100 000 T

55% of the french domestic market (1,5 MT)

Cérévia supplies the French domestic market in a large Y-shaped commercial region that stretches from Strasbourg to Marseille and includes the Paris Basin. It supplies the milling, starch processing, grinding, malt production and animal feed industries.

45% export (1,2 MT)

Through the projects and investments that it has supported, and in particular the opening of the Fos-sur-Mer facilities in 2010, Cérévia has extensively reoriented its export policy to focus on the Mediterranean Basin in addition to the European Union markets.