Strength in numbers

Cerevia’s strength also lies in its ability to rely on the skills of its member cooperatives to meet market expectations in terms of quality and innovation.

Directly linked to production

Cérévia collaborates and exchanges regularly with the technical and commercial departments of the cooperatives, in order to orientate the production (varieties, specifications) with respect to the potential outlets but also to the requirements of its customers.

Quality at the heart of the system

In connection with the Quality departments of the cooperatives of the union, Cérévia is involved in the traceability and the implementation of the specifications of its customers’ products. The objective is to harmonize the practices of the cooperatives through a demanding quality standard at the union level.

A system of listening to the customer is in place, Cérévia hosts regular customer audits. Several times a year, the Quality Committee of Cerevia’s cooperatives meets. It schedules cross-audits in the silos.

All of Cerevia’s cooperatives are CSA-GTP certified, as Cerevia qualified since April 2010. This certification allows for the recognition of good hygiene and traceability practices (sanitary quality of goods put on the market), validated by an independent third party.

All of Cerevia’s cooperatives are also certified 2BSVS sustainable, a label that characterizes the sustainability of the oil and protein industry.

R&D and innovation for the cereals of tomorrow

At the heart of the sector’s challenges, Cérévia can now rely on innovative tools such as Cérélab, an R&D laboratory dedicated to the cereal sector, and the Artémis agro-environmental innovation platform.

These structures, which advance agricultural production in terms of quality and the environment, were created within the framework of the Vitagora “Taste-Nutrition-Health” competitiveness cluster.