The general assembly of CEREVIA took place on November 2nd in Dijon

This year again, the union has made the deliberate choice to hold a GA in a restricted committee (board of directors and staff members), in order to show solidarity with our farmers and therefore to control expenses. We lived a moment rich in sharing, because even if the times are extremely difficult, we must remain united and for that nothing is better than the human contact.
In addition to the presentation of the accounts, we noted the renewal of our president Marc Patriat, of certain administrators, as well as the nomination of an additional administrator, corresponding to the entry of Interval in our beautiful union.
One of the highlights of our AGM was the intervention of Michel Portier (General Manager of AGRITEL) who gave a panorama of the local, European and global agricultural situation with the future of our agriculture and its outlets as concerns.
The economic situation is difficult but, once again, we are demonstrating that CÉRÉVIA, while expanding and modernizing, remains a union on a human scale, deliberately focused on its 8 member cooperatives, always at the service of local agriculture. How can we end these few lines of synthesis without mentioning and thanking our customers! They are also the focus of our attention, and were the main theme of our general assembly.

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