A team that serves cooperatives and clients

Since late 2012, Cérévia’s decision-making centre has been based in Longvic (Dijon). This efficient operational hub encompasses management, marketing activities, sales administration, forwarding and logistic.

Always attentive to the needs of the world’s markets, Cérévia’s employees work every day in partnership with the union’s cooperatives in order to meet clients’ expectations.



  • Fouzia SMOUHI

    Fouzia SMOUHI

    Managing Director, Cérévia

  • François FARGES

    François FARGES

    Deputy General Director

Sales - customer relations division

  • François FARGES

    François FARGES

    Deputy General Director

  • Jean-Yves PERROT

    Jean-Yves PERROT

  • Sophie TARD

    Sophie TARD

Forwarding and logistic division

  • Philippe TESSIER

    Philippe TESSIER

  • Cécile BILBOT

    Cécile BILBOT

Sales administration - finance division



    Financial Manager

  • Clémence BOURGUIGNON

    Clémence BOURGUIGNON

  • Véronique MARTIN

    Véronique MARTIN

  • Corinne VADOT

    Corinne VADOT

  • Isabelle ROYER

    Isabelle ROYER

  • Lætitia BERTHE

    Lætitia BERTHE


  • Catherine MAIRE

    Catherine MAIRE

    Quality manager